Kreat Power 30W 300-900MA Drive Constant Current Dali & 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver

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Kreat Power / Merrytek KL30C-PDiiV is a Dali & 1-10v Dimmable LED Driver with adjustable output current via dip switches. Can be adjusted from 300mA-900mA, perfect for Dali conversions / upgrades of LED Downlights, LED Panels & other lighting products.


  • Adjustable from 300mA-900mA
  • Built-in DALI2 protocol, no flicker in full dimming range
  • Primary Push dimming function; Push dimming has state memory function
  • Short circuit / over temperature / over voltage protection; reduce output current after over temperature
  • Standby power consumption ≤ 0.5W
20+ in stock



by Kreat Power

KL30C-PDiiV by Kreat Power a Merrytek brand is a 30W Dali 2 & 1-10v dimmable constant current LED driver. Using the onboard dip switches the output current can be adjusted from 300mA to 900mA making it a perfect solution for upgrading most LED Downlights, Panels & other products to Dali dimmable. With its compact dimensions from 103 x 67 x 22mm and plastic terminal covers makes it easy to mount within or outside lighting fixtures. To ensure trouble-free operation, protection is provided against output short circuit and over Load. Certified by the Dali Alliance this driver is a reliable and great option for all commercial Dali Dimming Projects.


Product Characteristics

Built-in Dali 2 interface

Full dimming range without stroboscopic

Standby power consumption <0.5W

Primary Push dimming function

Secondary 1-10V and potentiometer dimming function

Support 10V PWM dimming (3KHz-8KHz)

Short circuit/over temperature/over voltage protection

Reduce output current after over temperature

Push dimming has state memory function

MTBF>1000000 HOURS



Output Specifications
Rated Current 900mA 850mA 800mA 750mA 700mA 650mA 600mA 550mA 500mA 450mA 400mA 350mA 300mA
DC Voltage 9-34V 9-35V 9-38V 9-40V 9-42V 9-46V 9-50V 9-55V 9-58V 9-58V 9-58V 9-58V 9-58V
Rated Power 8.1-30W 7.6-30W 7.2-30W 6.7-30W 6.3-30W 5.8-30W 5.4-30W 5-30W 4.5-29W 4-26W 3.6-23W 3-20W 2.7-17W


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