SKU: FLS-32-800 LD

Eaglerise 32W 600-800MA Constant Current Non-Dimmable LED Driver

SKU: FLS-32-800 LD



FLS-32-800 LD is a 32W constant current LED driver with 600 to 800mA output current and a forward voltage range from
28 to 40Vdc. The output current is selectable by DIP Switch. With it’s compact dimensions from 97 x 43 x 26mm it is easy to
integrate in LED Panel and down light products. The side covers are available as accessories and allow to use the LED driver


  • Class II,SELV,built-in/independent
  • Input Voltage 220-240VAC
  • Protections: SCP/OLP/OVP
  • Power Factor >0.95
  • Efficiency ≥87%
  • 5 years warranty



Output Specifications
Rated Current 800mA 700mA 650mA 600mA
DC Voltage 28-40V 28-40V 28-40V 28-40V
Rated Power 32W 28W 26W 24W


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