Key Features

  • Maintains waterproof connection
  • No need to strip wire insulation when splicing flat ribbon cable
  • No need to remove the surface coating layer of the waterproof strip light
  • Suitable for most types of 8mm LED strips, SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD3014, SMD2216
  • LED Quantity Supported: 30~120 LEDs/Meter

£3.14 Each

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These solderless connectors are ideal for connecting IP65 LED strips together or to a power cable. Simply push your strip or cable into the correct side and push down until it snaps closed. No need to peel back the silicone or strip the cable as the brass teeth will pierce the strip/cable insulation.

Please note these are only suitable for 8mm strips


Working Voltage DC3V-24V
Rated Current 5A
Strip Light Protection IP54/ IP65
Polarity QTY 2
Pin Pitch 3.6mm
Min. LED Strip Thickness >0.2mm
Material PC+Phosphor Copper (Cu)