What is COB LED?

For the LED market, COB LEDs have many advantages over standard LEDs. COB LED is basically a manufacturer that directly connects multiple LED chips (usually 9 or more) to the substrate to form a single module. Because the single LED used in the COB is a chip rather than a traditional packaging method, the chip can be mounted so that it takes up less space, and the maximum potential of the LED chip can be obtained. When the COB LED assembly is powered on, it looks more like a lighting panel than multiple individual lamps, just like using several SMD LEDs mounted closely together.


Advantages of COB LED Chip

Due to the multi-chip package, the light-emitting area of the COB LED can contain more light sources in the same area as the standard LED, thereby greatly improving the lumen output per square inch.

The COB LED uses a circuit with only two contacts to power the multiple diode chips contained therein. This allows each LED chip to work properly with fewer components. In addition, reducing components and eliminating traditional LED chip structure packaging can reduce the heat generated by each LED chip. When coupled with an external heat sink, the ceramic / aluminum substrate of the COB LED can also be used as a more efficient heat transfer medium, thereby further reducing the overall operating temperature of the component. When installing COB on the radiator, you must pay attention to choose a radiator that can dissipate heat, so that COB can fully realize its potential. In the long run, proper heat dissipation can increase efficiency and reduce failure rates.

Another aspect of the COB LED that reduces the failure rate is that, because each chip is directly mounted on the substrate, there is no need to spot solder a single LED chip. The smaller the number of welding points, the lower the failure rate.

When using COB LEDs, since lenses and other traditional LED package components are no longer in place, the optical loss is significantly reduced and the viewing angle is increased.


Application of COB LED lighting

COB LED chip has a wide range of applications. Although these devices can be used for higher output conventional lighting, the main purpose of COB LEDs is to replace solid state lighting (SSL) metal halide lamps for high pitch lighting, street lights, high output track lights and downlights.


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